Flexoffers.com - Important

Payment Report Location Update
An update has been made to our platform, and you will find our Payment Report in a new location in the Report section. Previously, the Payment Report appeared under “Account,” which was confusing for Publishers to find. https://publisherpro.flexoffers.com/Report

WordPress Plugin Update

A new version of our WordPress Plugin has been released this week. It fixes bugs with Flexlinks (Link Automation) which was creating tracking links to URLs from non-advertisers. The code now only converts URLs from advertisers that are approved on your account. We also added a new feature to our Product Widgets section, we have added a section for you to add SubIDs to your Product links. You have the option to pass up to 5 different subtracking IDs, which will report back to you once sales occur.  If you have already installed our WordPress Plugin, you can download the updated version via this link. If you have not installed the plugin, we would love for you to take part: (https://publisherpro.flexoffers.com/Link/Flexlinks)

Sales API

A bug has been fixed for our /allsales API where the “Amount” field on the reportType=details endpoint was showing up as $0. This issue has been resolved and it is now populating the correct information. We have also added a new filter to our /allsales API to query our sales by the field adjustmentType. You can query either by “New Record” or “Update Record”. Feel free to look at our API Documentation on the following page – https://publisherpro.flexoffers.com/DataFeeds/APIDocumentation