Flexoffers.com - Important

Sales Reports
To make our reporting more transparent for sales cancellations, we have added a new column to all of our reporting (Transaction Report, Report Feed, Sales API) called “adjustmentType”. This field will have a description added by each advertiser individually with the reason why the cancellation occurred. An example would be “Item returned” or “Non-approved coupon code”. Please note that this field is populated by each advertiser individually, so data in this field will not be uniform.

Deep linking
We have added validation for all our deep linking functionalities in the UI, Bookmarklet, and API. This is in case you accidentally add a destination URL that does not match the corresponding advertiser. Usually, if this were to happen, some advertisers would automatically redirect to the default link (homepage), but others would break the redirect.

Product Feeds API
A bug was fixed on our /products/full API endpoint that was preventing users from paginating past page 500. If you were trying to pass page=501, it would not return a valid response. This is now functioning correctly in production. We fixed another bug in our /products/full API endpoint that prevented users from getting a valid response when calling the API using only the &url= parameter. This query will try to match a product URL with a product record to retrieve all information available.