What Are Deep Links?

Convert your traffic at a higher rate with deep links

Deep links enable you to create a positive shopping experience for consumers by linking out to dedicated products or landing pages you are promoting within your content. Don’t leave your audience guessing where to find them.

A website's landing page showing different products and a deep linking option Deep Links, What is DeepLinking?


Find the exact product you'd like to promote within your content.


Utilize FlexOffers' tool generator to make your very own deep link. Create one deep link at a time or in bulk.


Promote targeted products to your audience and create higher engagements by sending them to a specific product page.


A key component in the creation of high-converting content is linking out directly to the products or landing pages that are being mentioned. The fewer the amount of clicks needed for your users to find the product they’re in search of, the higher the probability of a conversion.


An endless opportunity to link beyond the homepage.

Break free from the shackles of depending solely on generic links with predetermined landing pages via FlexOffers deep links. This technology give you the flexibility to create tracking links dedicated to a specific product or landing page.

A man holding a tennis shoe, smiling at a recording camera Deep Links, What is DeepLinking?
Man standing to the left with a pencil tracking conversions with woman kneeling on the ground pointing to data on a page. Deep Links, What is DeepLinking?


Redirecting a reader to the correct landing page helps build trust.

Make your content more targeted instead of using generic links that link out to an advertiser’s homepage. Utilize deep links to redirect your links to a specific page.

Higher Conversions

Minimize the amount of clicks to a buying path.

Ensuring your audience is properly redirected to the correct product page or landing page plays a big role in converting your traffic at a higher rate.


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